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Code Project Date of update
ANLIRPChurch registers - Anlier15/03/2024
ANTBELRewards, decorations and elevations to the nobility - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTBENOEMAppointment Deed - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTBIJSTRequests for assistance to persons - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTBOUWBuilding applications - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTCALRequests for assistance in case of calamities and disasters - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTDIENSTList of foreigners subject to military service - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTMILMilitia files - Twee Neten Department23/02/2024
ANTOVLBDeath notices of soldiers - Departement Deux-Nèthes23/02/2024
ANTSCHAldermans deeds - Province of Antwerp19/03/2024
ANTSTUDScholarship applications - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
ANTVERGPatents, licences and exhibitions - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
AUDMILLitigation files of the military prosecutor office - Province of Namur23/02/2024
BDCHBurgher's books - Charleroi23/02/2024
BDNABurgher's books - Namur23/02/2024
BEVERFInheritance deeds - Beveren23/02/2024
BGBRUSList of women who entered the beguinage - Brussels23/02/2024
BIDPRENPrayer and mourning cards - Province of West Flanders23/02/2024
BOVPopulation registers - Province of Namur19/03/2024
BSBETHMarriage and birth announcements - Kortrijk23/02/2024
BSCINEYCivil status - Birth certificates - Ciney23/02/2024
BSFRANCivil status - Francorchamps23/02/2024
BSFRBEChurch registers and civil status - Franco-Belgian marriage and death certificates - Avenois 23/02/2024
BSHANTWCivil status - Marriage certificates - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
BSHTERCivil status - Marriage certificates - Terhagen23/02/2024
BSHWWICivil status - Marriage certificates of Belgians living abroad during World War I - Belgium23/02/2024
BSJALHCivil status - Jalhay23/02/2024
BSJOSSECivil status - Birth certificates - Sint-Joost-ten-Node23/02/2024
BSKEMPCivil status - Antwerp Campine23/02/2024
BSLASNECivil status - Lasne23/02/2024
BSLOMMELCivil status - Lommel 23/02/2024
BSMATOURNACivil status - Marriage certificates - Tournai and environs23/02/2024
BSREVCivil status - Birth certificates - Rèves23/02/2024
BSSARTCivil status - Sart-lez-Spa23/02/2024
BSSCHAERCivil status - Birth certificates - Schaarbeek23/02/2024
BSSTREECivil status - Birth and death certificates - Strée23/02/2024
BSWOPCivil status - Wezembeek-Oppem23/02/2024
BSWVLOOSTCivil status - Birth and death certificates - Ostend19/03/2024
BSZEVERGCivil status - Marriage certificates - Zevergem23/02/2024
CGPNLitigation files from the court martial - Province of Namur23/02/2024
CLINGEChurch registers - Marriage certificates - De Klinge23/02/2024
CORCivil status (KU Leuven) - Province of Antwerp23/02/2024
DOUANEIdentification sheets and service history of officials of the 'Customs and Excise' administration - Belgium23/02/2024
ECHUChurch registers and civil status - Funeral and death certificates - Mont-Sainte-Marie 23/02/2024
ECMLIEGECivil status - Marriage certificates - Liège25/02/2024
ETRBRUXList of foreign travellers - Brussels23/02/2024
EUPENChurch registers - Canton of Eupen19/03/2024
FLOWODELCivil status - Flobecq, Wodecq and Ellezelles24/02/2024
GAVLBCivil status - Birth certificates - Province of Flemish Brabant and Brussels-Capital Region26/02/2024
GDINANTChurch registers - Namur and environs24/02/2024
GENTChurch registers - Marriage certificates - Ghent24/02/2024
GENTBRUGCivil status - Gentbrugge24/02/2024
GEWVLCivil status - Birth certificates - Province of West Flanders21/03/2024
GPPBRUSPolitical files of the judicial police - District of Brussels16/03/2024
GRIMPRChurch registers - Grimbergen24/02/2024
GSUCivil status (FamilySearch) - Belgium24/02/2024
HEREERFInheritance deeds - Herentals16/03/2024
HUVLBCivil status - Marriage certificates - Province of Flemish Brabant and Brussels-Capital Region24/07/2024
HUWILLECivil status - Marriage certificates - Willebroek 24/02/2024
HUWVL2Civil status - Marriage certificates - Province of West Flanders27/02/2024
IMMIBELImmigration files - World24/02/2024
LEGAAT1Gifts and legacies to local authorities - Province of Brabant24/02/2024
LIEDEKCivil status - Liedekerke16/03/2024
LOKERFInheritance deeds - Lokeren24/02/2024
MATRIKELMatricules of the Old University Leuven - World25/02/2024
NIKLERFInheritance deeds - Sint-Niklaas24/02/2024
NOTAANTNotarial acts (Notarius) - Province of Antwerp27/02/2024
NOTANTNotarial acts - Province of Antwerp24/02/2024
NOTAVBNotarial acts (Notarius) - Province of Flemish Brabant27/02/2024
NOTAWVLNotarial acts - Province of West Flanders27/02/2024
NOTNIVNotarial acts - Province of Walloon Brabant18/03/2024
OORLOGWar damages - District of Kortrijk24/02/2024
OORLOGLIMWar damages - Province of Limburg24/02/2024
OORLOGVBRWar damages - District of Leuven24/02/2024
OSAKStates of good - District of Kortrijk18/03/2024
OVWVLCivil status certificates - Death certificates - Province of West Flanders20/03/2024
PARBEWVLChurch registers - Funeral certificates - Province of West Flanders18/03/2024
PARBGENTChurch registers - Funeral certificates - Ghent 24/02/2024
PARDEBRUSChurch registers and civil status - Funeral and death certificates - Brussels18/03/2024
PARDOBRUSChurch registers - Baptism certificates - Brussels 19/03/2024
PARDOBUTChurch registers - Baptism certificates - Bütgenbach24/02/2024
PARDOWVLChurch registers - Baptism certificates - Province of West Flanders17/03/2024
PARHUWVLChurch registers - Marriage certificates - Province of West Flanders18/03/2024
PARMABRUSChurch registers - Marriage certificates - Brussels25/02/2024
PARWOPChurch registers - Wezembeek-Oppem24/02/2024
PATURChurch registers - Pâturages15/03/2024
PERSAFFiles of staff in Africa - Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi18/03/2024
PRBZELEChurch registers - Baptism certificates - Zele25/02/2024
PRDSNGChurch registers - Baptism certificates - Ghent 19/03/2024
PRHENEGChurch registers and civil status - Ath, Tournai and Ronse25/02/2024
PRISLEUVList of inmates of Leuven central prison - Belgium25/02/2024
PRISNEUFList of inmates of Neufchâteau prison - Belgium25/02/2024
PRISVILVList of inmates from Vilvoorde prison - Belgium25/02/2024
PRNIVChurch registers - Oisquercq25/02/2024
PRRAMOFChurch registers - Ramillies and Offus25/02/2024
PRTWVLBurgher's books - Roeselare25/02/2024
PTKORTBurgher's books - Courtrai25/02/2024
QLPChurch registers and civil status - Quévy25/02/2024
REKTIELTCity accounts - Tielt25/02/2024
ROESERFInheritance deeds - District of Kortrijk25/02/2024
RVBLitigation files of the Council of Brabant - Duchy of Brabant25/02/2024
SBBGPersons references in the archives of Saint Bavo's Abbey and diocese - Ghent25/02/2024
SMBRCivil status - Marriage certificates - Province of Hainaut25/02/2024
SOLDDYLEDeath notices of soldiers - Department Dyle25/02/2024
SOLDJEMAPDeath notices of soldiers - Department Jemmappe19/03/2024
SOLDOURDeath notices of soldiers - Departement Ourthe25/02/2024
SOLDSMDeath notices of soldiers - Department Sambre-et-Meuse25/02/2024
SVGLVWStates of good - Land of Waes25/02/2024
SVGMATERInheritance deeds - Mater 19/03/2024
SVGPETEGInheritance deeds - Petegem19/03/2024
SVGWVLStates of good - Province of West Flanders19/03/2024
TDECENChurch registers and civil status - Baptism and birth certificates - Brussels25/02/2024
THIEUCivil status - Birth certificates - Thieulain25/02/2024
TMACHUTStates of good - Mouscron25/02/2024
VERMISTDeath declarations of missing persons during World War II - District of Antwerp25/02/2024
VGLPLetter of safe-conduct of Belgians returning from the Netherlands - Belgium25/02/2024
VISUCivil status certificates (DemoGen Visu) - Belgium22/03/2024
WIWILBList of residents and visitors - Brussels25/02/2024
WKKORTOrphan register - Kortrijk15/03/2024
WVLERFInheritance deeds - Province of West Flanders02/03/2024
WZWVLOrphan register - Province of West Flanders02/03/2024
ZEELUIMatriculation register of seamen on Belgian merchant ships - World25/02/2024